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Scrolling window icons in Snagit

Take Long and Wide Screenshots with Snagit

Taking Screenshots Screenshots are incredibly useful to help capture a screen event or to help explain something that happened on any computer’s screen. The quote "a picture paints a thousand words" is perfect in this regard. Disclosure! Please note...
OneDrive version history action for a file

See Old Versions of Files in OneDrive

Overwriting The Wrong File Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You have finished updating a document, spreadsheet etc, saved it and closed it. Your task is finished, you’re feeling good about the work you did, and then the awful realisation sets in. You were...
Google Docs Explore Pane Featured Image

Save Time with Explore in Google Docs

Checking Document Information Writing a document in a word processor like Word or Google Docs can become a tedious affair if you have to constantly check facts or find information. That means switching from the document to a browser to do a search again and again and...
Flagged email displayed in Microsoft To Do.

Flag Emails from Outlook to To Do with 1 Click

Emails That Require Actions When receiving emails, there are times when you want to perform some action based on an email. You want to remember to do something based on it but you have the danger of forgetting as the email slowly slides down your inbox list. Outlook...
Outlook Compose Email TYpes

Don’t Send Winmail.dat Attachments

Winmail.dat Attachments If you use the Windows desktop version of Outlook for sending and receiving emails, you might have come up against this problem at some point. You can send emails to your colleagues (who are all using Outlook) without any problems. But when you...
Office 365 home page in dark mode.

Dark Mode in Office and Microsoft 365

White Background Equals Eye Strain Having to stare at a computer screen every day is usually not particularly good for your eyesight in the long term. Especially when a lot of applications or websites have bright white backgrounds. This also means your computer will...
Instagram home page displayed in a desktop browser.

Posting to Instagram from a Desktop Browser

Posting to Instagram is great but... Instagram is a great social media tool for any business, big or small. It allows you to visually show your work quickly and easily to an audience and get feedback about what they think about it. You can also get inspiration by...

How Much Cloud Storage am I Using?

Cloud Storage With the huge increase in the number of people that have been working from home this year, it’s inevitable that more and more of us have been using cloud storage services such as Dropbox to store files, photos, videos etc so that we can work from...


If you’ve seen an ad or found a website that is selling a product for a price that seems to be too good to be true, how do you know if the site is being truthful or just trying to scam you? You can check the status of a website with Scamadviser. Scamadviser lets you...

Firefox Monitor

Just found this really useful site recently. The people at Mozilla who created the Firefox browser have created a utility called Monitor which allows you to check if your email address has been part of any data breaches since 2007. It’s a really useful way to check...

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