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Where is my Gmail Email?

Lost Emails Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve been reading an important email in Gmail when you are distracted by your phone ringing, your dog barking, a colleague needing your attention…. Something that takes your mind away from your computer screen. You...
Screenshot of find email from this sender action.

Find all Emails from a Sender in Outlook

Does this sound familiar? You’re reading an email from someone and want to find a previous email from the same person but can’t find it? How can you find other emails from the same person? It’s actually really easy to do in Outlook and in this post, we’ll show you...

Outlook Text Templates

Sending Emails The number of emails that we send and receive on a daily basis seems to be on an ever increasing curve. Typing emails can be an especially tedious task, particularly when your typing speed is not that high. To help with this, Outlook has a way of...
To Do training course image

Microsoft To Do Training Course – Complete!

Microsoft To Do for Beginners It’s complete! 38 lessons! 32 downloadable step-by-step PDF documents! 44 minutes worth of videos! The longest video is only 4 minutes long! In just under three quarters of an hour, you can learn how to use Microsoft To Do to keep track...
OneDrive Files on Demand Setting

OneDrive Files on Demand

OneDrive Storage If you use OneDrive and have it set up to synchronise with your computer, you will have noticed that all your OneDrive folders and files display an icon to indicate if or when they have been synchronised. A green tick indicates that a folder or file...
Gmail email snippets

Gmail Inbox Snippets

Gmail Inbox Snippets When you look at your inbox in Gmail, you see what are called snippets as part of each email. Snippets are a preview of the first line of the email and are shown after the subject of each email. These can be useful to get a quick insight into the...
Shortcut commands in the Teams search bar.

Microsoft Teams Frequent Commands

Microsoft Teams Search Bar If you use Microsoft Teams, you will know there is a search bar conveniently located at the top of the Teams screen. But did you know that the search bar can also be used as a very useful command line? If you type a forward slash character...

Changing Outlook’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to quickly perform actions in Outlook or Gmail when you are online. The frustrating thing is that the different products use different shortcuts to do the same thing! Outlook Shortcuts Gmail Shortcuts It...

OneDrive Online Training – 20% Discount!

New Training Course We have a new training course! OneDrive online for business Microsoft 365. File Storage in the Cloud Keeping all your files and folders in the cloud is a great way to have instant access to your information from any smart device. If you already...
The grab image text command in Google Keep.

Google Keep Image to Text

Google Keep Google Keep is a great little app for storing tasks, information, lists etc that you don’t want to forget. That can be text or even images, which is a quick and convenient way of taking a photo with your smartphone and saving it as a note in Keep. But did...

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