Outlook on Mobile

The Outlook email app that is available for smartphones is a great app for accessing and managing your emails when you are on the move.

You can make the management of your emails even more productive by setting up the swiping options in the app. This lets you swipe left or right on an email and the swipe will perform an action automatically for you.

In this post, we will show you how to set up the swipe options in the Outlook app on an iPhone. You can also do this in the Android version of the Outlook app.

Setting Up Swipe Options

To start, open the Outlook app on your iPhone and tap on your account icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Account icon in smartphone Outlook.

The account details pane will open from the left-hand side of the screen. In this pane tap on the settings icon which is the cog icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

Settings icon in smartphone Outlook.

This opens the settings details of the app.

The settings pane in smartphone Outlook.

Scroll down and tap on the line that reads “Swipe Options”.

The swipe options link in smartphone Outlook.

This will show you the actions that are going to occur when you either swipe right or swipe left on an email.

Swipe options screen in smartphone Outlook.

To change the action for swiping left or right, tap on either of the words “Swipe right” or “swipe left”.

The swipe right and swipe left links in smartphone Outlook.

This will show you a list of the actions that are available for the swipe.

List of available swipe actions.

Tap on the action that you want to use so that a tick icon is shown next to it.

A highlighted chosen swipe action.

When you tap on the action you want to use, you will be taken back to the swipe options screen and the action will be shown next to the swipe.

A chosen action for a swipe action.

Tap on the left pointing arrow to go back to the settings pane

The return link highlighted in the swipe options screen.

and then tap on the X icon in the top left-hand corner to close the settings pane.

The close settings icon.

You can now open an email and swipe left or right to quickly perform the action that you chose for the swipe.

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