White Background Equals Eye Strain

Having to stare at a computer screen every day is usually not particularly good for your eyesight in the long term. Especially when a lot of applications or websites have bright white backgrounds. This also means your computer will be using more energy to display the bright colours.

Dark Mode can Help

To help with this, some applications can use what is called dark mode. This is where the application uses the opposite colour scheme to save both energy and strain on your eyes when displaying information.

Dark Mode in Google Keep

A good example of this is the Google Keep application in a web browser. The normal layout is dark text on a white background which looks something like this.

Google keep home page in light mode with white background.

If you click on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen

Google Keep settings icon.

and click on “Enable dark theme” from the drop-down menu that is displayed

The enable dark theme menu option in Google Keep.

The Keep application changes to display light text on a dark background which is much easier on the eye.

Google Keep home page in dark mode.

Dark Mode in Office and Microsoft 365

Office and Microsoft 365 have now added this functionality to some of their applications and in this post, we are going to show you how to set it up.

When you are using Office 365 or Microsoft 365 in a web browser, the applications that allow you to use dark mode are the:
Office/Microsoft 365 home page
Excel home page
OneNote home page
Powerpoint home page
Sway home page
Word home page

Setting up Dark Mode

If you are using any of these applications in a browser, look to the top right-hand corner of your browser window and click on the settings icon. (The Office 365 home page is used here as an example.)

The Office 365 settings icon.

The settings drop-down menu will appear and among the settings, there will be a toggle switch for “Dark Mode”.

The dark mode toggle in Office 365.

Click on the toggle to activate dark mode. The Office 365 application will display lighter text on a dark background. This will help make the browser window contents easier for your eyes to view.

Office 365 settings displayed in dark mode.

If you don’t like using dark mode, simply click on the toggle again to revert to the original layout.

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