Its turning into one of those frustrating days! Your internet access is working a treat and most of your applications and online services are running fine. All except the one you really want to use! To find out if an internet-based service that you need is currently having an outage problem or running slowly for some reason, use the Down Detector website at to check it.

Using Down Detector

When you go to down detector, the top of the page will show a text field where you can search for any site that may be having a performance problem.

Underneath the text field area are icons for various popular sites on the internet.

If a site you are interested in has an icon visible then you don’t need to search. Just click on its icon and the latest performance details will be displayed. If you think you are having problems with the site, click on the red button in the first area of the page.

Scroll down and you can see information about any issues the site has had in the last 24 hours and a map showing where any performance issues are happening around the world.

Scroll down further and there even is a discussion board where you can ask for help or help others who might be having a similar problem to you.

Searching in Down Detector

If an icon for your problem site is not immediately visible, enter the sites name in the search text field on the down detector home page and click on the search icon.

If there is a match, the details for the site will be shown in the same layout that you saw for any of the pre-existing site icons.

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