Adding Content to a Google Doc

When working on a document, there will usually be a point where you want to copy and paste some text, images or content into your document from another source.

Did you know that in Google Docs, instead of copying and pasting, you can drag and drop any Google Keep notes into your document? It’s really quick, simple and easy!

Drag and Drop from Keep to Docs

With a Google Doc open in a browser, notice that there is a sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen that shows various icons.

Right-hand side icon bar in Google Docs.

The yellow icon with a lightbulb inside is the icon for Google Keep.

Google Keep icon in sight-hand side bar.

Click on this icon and the sidebar will open, showing you all your Google Keep notes in a vertical list.

Google Keep notes displayed in right-hand side bar.

Simply click on one of the notes and drag it into your document. The contents of the note will be copied into the document, not a single keyboard press required!

Visual instructions on how to drag a Google Keep note into Google Docs.
Animated gif showing a Google Keep note being dragged into a Google Doc.
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