Google Doc Quick Navigation

When you have created a Google Doc, did you know that a table of contents called the outline view is automatically available to help you quickly find and navigate to any part of the document?

For the outline view to be useful, you have to have marked some part or parts of your document as being header text. When you have done this and opened the document, a small icon will be visible in the top left-hand corner of the document window.

The Google Doc outline view icon.

Click on this icon and the outline view will open and show a list of all the header sections in the document.

An open outline view in a Google Doc.

Click on any of the headings in the outline view and you will be instantly taken to that part of the Google Doc.

You can remove a heading from the outline view by clicking on the “x” icon that is shown to the right of the heading.

The remove icon in a Google Doc outline view.

To close the outline view, click on the left pointing arrow which is shown at the top of the outline view.

The close icon for the Google Doc outline view.
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