Google Keep

Google Keep is a great little app for storing tasks, information, lists etc that you don’t want to forget. That can be text or even images, which is a quick and convenient way of taking a photo with your smartphone and saving it as a note in Keep.

But did you know that you can quickly and easily turn an image in Keep into a note of readable text? Follow these instructions to find out how.

Image in Keep

As an example, I have an image in Google Keep to remind me to investigate the steps and costs of transporting pets from Hong Kong to another country. I took a photo of this document at my local vet as they didn’t have enough copies in hand to let me have one at the time.

Image of pet transport information.

Keep Image to Text

I want to turn the text in the image into actual text in the note and to do that is really simple.

Open the Keep note that contains the image in a browser or in the app of your smartphone.

Click on the 3 dot icon that is visible below the image in a browser or above the image in the Keep app.

3 dot action icon for image in Google Keep.

A drop-down menu will appear. From this menu, click on the line that reads “Grab image text”.

The "Grab image text" command highlighted in Google Keep.

Google Keep will scan the image, extract any text that it finds and add the text to the Keep note itself.

Successfully scanned text below the scanned image in Google Keep.

All done quickly and easily. It’s a great little feature of Google Keep!

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