Microsoft Teams Search Bar

If you use Microsoft Teams, you will know there is a search bar conveniently located at the top of the Teams screen.

The Teams search bar.

But did you know that the search bar can also be used as a very useful command line? If you type a forward slash character in the search field, you will be shown a full list of all the commands that are available.

List of shortcut commands when typing forward slash character in the Teams search field.

Just type in one of the commands and it will act as a shortcut. So for example typing in:


Will set your status to “do not disturb”. Typing in:


Will show you all your unread activity.

This is the full list of the current commands which can also be found at this Microsoft help page.

CommandWhat it Does
/activitySee someone’s activity.
/availableSet your status to available.
/awaySet your status to away.
/busySet your status to busy.
/callCall a phone number or Teams contact.
/dndSet your status to do not disturb.
/filesSee your recent files.
/gotoGo to a team or channel.
/helpGet help with Teams.
/joinJoin a team.
/keysSee keyboard shortcuts.
/mentionsSee all your @mentions.
/orgSee someone’s organisational chart.
/savedSee your saved messages.
/testcallCheck your call quality.
/unreadSee all your unread activity.
/whatsnewSee what’s new in Teams.
/whoAsk Who a question about someone.
/wikiAdd a quick note.
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