Fixed Size Screenshots

In our last post, we talked about how to install and take long and wide screenshots with Snagit. In this post, we’re going to show you how to take screenshots that are a fixed size.

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This is really useful when you need a screenshot that is going to be used for a specific purpose such as an image for a Twitter post or a Pinterest pin. In these cases, you want the screenshot image to be an exact size in order for it to be displayed correctly.

Snagit Can Help

With Snagit, you can set the size of the screenshot window to be any size you need. This then means you only have to worry about the contents to be included in the screenshot and not the shape and size of the screenshot itself. To find out how to use Snagit for just this purpose, read on…

Set Snagit Window Size

Firstly, open Snagit and click on the image tab

Snagit window with image tab highlighted.

so that Snagit shows you more details about taking image screenshots.

Snagit image tab details.

Click on the down arrow next to the first field that is displayed here

Region field dropdown arrow highlighted in Snagit image tab.

and from the drop-down menu that appears, choose on the line “Region”.

Region dropdown option highlighted.

With “Region” selected in the first field, click on the settings icon that is shown just to the right of the field.

Region settings button highlighted.

When you do this, a set of available radio buttons will appear.

Region options highlighted.

Click on the radio button for “Fixed region”.

Fixed region radio button.

The settings will expand so you can set how wide and high the screen capture window should be.

Fixed region width and height fields.

You can also click on this toggle

Fixed region toggle for set position.

and you will be able to set the exact position on your screen where the screenshot will be taken.

Set position x and y co-ordinate values.

When you are happy with the settings you have entered (in this case I want to take a screenshot that will be used for a Twitter post so have the set window size to 1012 pixels wide and 608 pixels high),

Fixed region size set to 1012 pixles wide and 608 pixels high.

click anywhere in the main Snagit window to close and save the changed settings. You are now ready to take a screenshot that is a specific size.

Capture Fixed Size Screenshots

Open the document, image, web page etc that you want to screenshot (an image in this case) and click on the red “Capture” button in Snagit.

Snagit image capture button.

A yellow dotted Snagit window will open and will be the size that you entered in the settings.

Snagit image capture window displayed over an image.

You can move the window around to any position but the dotted window itself will always be the same size. When you are happy with the position for the screenshot, left mouse click, the screenshot will be taken, and it will open in the Snagit editor for you to edit and save.

Fixed size image captured in Snagit editor.

You now have a screenshot that is a specific size which you can use for whatever purpose you want and it only took a couple of mouse clicks!

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